Adit Testdesk 3.0 Adds 64-bit Edition, High DPI Support and Interactive Assignments

6 февраля 2019

Adit Software updates Adit Testdesk, the company’s online education tool for creating, running and grading tests of unlimited complexity. Version 3.0 brings multiple performance enhancements and functional improvements. The new 64-bit edition enables concurrent testing of unlimited number of students, while High-DPI support enables the use of 4K and higher resolution displays. The new release brings support for math equations and adds support for functions and expressions, allowing on-the-fly generation of online tests with unlimited variability.

64-bit Edition and High DPI Support

Adit Testdesk 3.0 offers both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. Installing the new 64-bit edition on a server enables support for unlimited number of students. In addition, Adit Testdesk 3.0 introduces a brand-new scaling engine to support a range of QHD and 4K displays.

Math Equations, Functions and Expressions

Users of Adit Testdesk 3.0 can now embed mathematical formulas and equations in test assignments using Microsoft OpenType MATH fonts. to render the equations. LaTeX-like syntax and support for variables make it easy to create adaptive and generated assignments with unlimited variability.

In addition to math equations, Adit Testdesk 3.0 can employ variables, functions and expressions. Educators can initialize, randomize or calculate variables immediately prior to the test, which allows creating infinitely variable assignments with multiple variants. Grading such assignments could not be made easier since variables are used to calculate the correct answer, saving hours of paperwork on manual grading. Fully featured scripts, functions and expressions can be used to calculate values, making it possible to create and grade assignments of unlimited complexity.

Pricing and Availability

Adit Testdesk is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, 2008 and 2013 Server, Windows 7, 8 and 10. The 64-bit edition requires a 64-bit version of Windows. Single user pricing starts from $69. Standard, Professional, Enterprise, Standard Server, Professional Server, Enterprise Server and Secure Server Editions are available complete with 12 months of updates and technical support.

About Adit Testdesk

Adit Testdesk is a tool for online education specialists to perform online testing. The tool helps create tests, exams and quizzes of unlimited complexity with automatic grading. Designed to streamline building tests for almost any purpose, Adit Testdesk supports four types of tests: survey, assessment test (with advanced scoring available), personality test, and script type featuring advanced scripts for grading. Educators can create online and paper-based tests.

About Adit Software

Founded in 2005, Adit Software develops a range of tools for online education. The company’s tools help tutors create secure, professional web-based tests and quizzes of unlimited complexity for student groups of all sizes. Adit online education tools are easy to use and highly customizable, enabling educators to run and instantly grade online tests, saving hours of paperwork.

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